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We Love Your Pet, Just as You Do!

Early childhood is an impressionable period of life in which children are often dog lovers. Parents have a great contribution in the building of their children’s character by encouraging them to be animal lovers and allowing them to have a dog as a pet. Parents should encourage their young to become animal lovers because this will mean never to be alone, to always have a friend, to be comforted when sad, to be happy and needed, to learn responsibility and, last but not least, to love. That’s what an animal friend teaches a child: the most valuable lesson of all.

Locate Your Pet, Anytime, Anywhere!

Multi-Function: Access the units location via the APP or Website and monitor its location, movement, speed, route history and much more. Know your dog's location with fast and accurate GPS tracking Record, remember, and share special walks, hikes, and other adventures with your dog The collar is naturally curved to fit the contours of your dog's neck while being fashionable and durable. Suitable for your pets. Mini size, easy to use. Mini gps locator

How to care for Your Pets

Taking care of our pets is not only our obligation; it is also our way of showing them that we love and care for them. Taking care of your pet does not mean just giving them their meals everyday. Pets have emotions too and they need to be noticed, played with and trained. They need to know that their owners care for them.